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Information for Our New Members

Practice Marketing is a Strategy, Not an Event.

We’re glad you’ve joined us. Your password gives you access to our Practice Marketing Jump Start community.  You won’t be sorry. We’re not just another information product.

Our goal is to teach you how to supercharge your practice marketing program and provide you access to the top marketing tools.

First, you’ll notice that we have lots of content. You may feel overwhelmed from time to time but we’ll provide the roadmap and guide all the way.

Of course, we know that you can’t build a powerful marketing-based practice in just a week or two. But we’ll help you build or audit your marketing success infrastructure soon.  Building a sustainable, scalable system is what will work best for you in the long run.

We’ll help you take a thoughtful, objective look at your target markets, your current client base, your business model, your marketing tool kit, your value proposition and the way you differentiate your practice in the minds of your marketing targets.

You’ll receive frequent tips and tools for leveraging your power practice program. Don’t worry. These will come to you automatically by e-mail.

Plus, at least three time every year, you’ll receive a laser focused on-line training program covering the most essential and most timely topics.

We don’t address every marketing option and we omit discussion of ineffective and outmoded marketing tools.

You’ll quickly see that we have a bias toward your opportunities in a few core areas because we believe these are the spaces where your best client development opportunities lie:

  • Leveraging your competitive edge on the web and in our emerging digital world,
  • Creating scalable success in social networking, Google local search results, etc.
  • Building a sustainable referral engine and
  • Emphasizing the use of education and information in your marketing platform,.

We’ll keep you up to date in the world of emerging digital tools. You’ll learn the best ways to target, design and optimize your website. And, you’ll learn how to succeed with Facebook and other social networking pages, plus local internet marketing.

We view marketing as a system—not an “event” or project. And our system is constantly being updated, improved and “tweaked”.

We’ve organized Marketing Jump Start into practical, actionable modules.

While some modules build on what you’ve learned in earlier modules, many are offered in “cafeteria style” so you can easily skip or postpone some activities—especially if you fell uneasy or uncomfortable about activating the module contents.

Todd and I want you to be incredibly successful.  We welcome you to Marketing Jump Start.  It’s your first step in creating your sustainable and scalable power marketing machine.

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